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Hello, Tackling College Sports listeners!  It's nice to have you join us on our Podcast Page.  Have a look around and use the Contact page if you would like to say hi.



Dec 22, 2016

Session 022 features an interview with Performance Coach, Jenny Truman.  Jenny specializes in confidence and mental strength for better sports performance.  As a professional residing in the UK, Jenny has worked with top professional and amateur athletes.  There is plenty of useful information that any athlete can...

Dec 10, 2016

Session 021 features an interview with Louisville Women's Basketball Coach, Jeff Walz.  Coach Walz recently had a post-game press conference that dominated the news cycle for several days and received over 18 million views.  Coach Walz gives us a taste of what life has been like since the press conference and the...

Dec 3, 2016

Dr. John Cone - founder, and CEO of Fit For 90, a software-based platform that allows team monitoring, periodization, team training, as well as player recovery.  John has an extensive background that includes coaching at the highest collegiate level and MLS.  This is an episode that is beneficial to coaches and...

Oct 8, 2016

Chris LeGates & Mark Franco, Hosts of The Tackling College Sports Podcast.


In this particular episode, you will learn:


  • NCAA changes that go into effect in the Fall of 2016

Jun 19, 2016

Ian Goldberg, Founder, and CEO, iSport360


In this particular session, you will learn:


  • How Ian came up with the idea of iSport360.
  • The potential impact iSport360 could have on youth sports.
  • Ian's take on what we are getting right/wrong in youth sports today.
  • Much more...